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Sound Design Services

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Canada V5A-1E9

tel. 604-291-7727 - fax. 604-291-7727

Recording Services, Mediums, Equipment and Rates

Listed bellow are the following voice over and audio services and equipment we use to produce for the mediums that you integrate into your animation, new media based projects and presentations.


(1) ADR (Audio Dialogue Replacement) (*) (**)
(2) Music composition
(3) Voice over casting (*) (**)
(4) Voice over production (*) (**)
(5) Voice over directing (*) (**)
(6) Sound effects supply
(7) Walla sessions (*) (**)

(*) The following services are available in both English and French
(**) The following services are available in variety of language. Please contact Aaron for details.


(1) Animated shorts (#)
(2) Animated television series (#)
(3) Animated feature film (#)
(4) Books on tape
(5) Corporate videos
(6) Documentaries
(7) Educational CD-ROMS
(8) Flash introductions / presentations
(9) Live action filmed shorts
(10) Live action filmed television shows
(11) Live action filmed movie
(12) Radio commercials
(13) Radio Drama's
(14) Television commercial's
(15) Video games
(16) Voice over demo's
(17) Voice messaging services
(18) Websites
(19) OthersÉ please suggest

(#) We record for classical, 3d , and flash animation

Studio Makeup

Main studio:

24 channel mixer studio that can accommodate up to 10 voice actors. This suite is also used to ADR production.

Midi suite:

Most of our music is composed and produced in this suite.

Single person sound booth:

This booth is used mostly for narration, ADR, and video game voice over recording purposes.

Sound editing suite:

This suite is used to edit various projects that we have on the go.

Receiving and sending of production Material

We receive and send materials for production via mail, accelerated internet connection and in person if your business is located in the lower mainland. This means production materials can be sent at the same pace as a local sound design company except we do it for "half the price ".

Production Rates

Please request our company brochure that will provide you with information about our voice over and audio production rates by sending us the following information about you and your company that you can submit to the e-mail address listed bellow.

(1) Your name
(2) Your companies name
(3) Your companies address
(4) Your company Telephone and Fax number
(5) Your website and best contact e-mail